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  • Yes Bank
  • YuppTV
  • TheMobileWallet
  • Haptik
  • Crownit
  • UAEXchange

At DataYuge, we love to play with APIs and Big Data. We convert open data in to useful insights and visualisations. You can completely build apps using our data insights and APIs using parsing and understanding the customer needs. The machine learning and artificial intelligence helps us to make a better utilisation of available data.

With some of the cutting edge tools and storage tools, we convert big data to the next level. There is no need of manual parsing from the app developer side. We will gather the data and convert it into beautiful formats. With simple API keys and library tools, you can use them in wide variety of programming languages and deliver informations to the people.
Its the era of APIs, from smallest websites to big eCommerce sites depend upon API to build their various platform apps. We made it simple by providing the suitable data which are ready to process. These lightweight API structure will help to scale the web traffic efficiently.